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Individual training

Individual training is all about you and your dog. Your everyday life, your worries and your needs are the focus.

  • Topics like e.g. anxiety, aggression, stress, barking, being alone, riding in the car, pulling a leash, hunting, etc. are your daily companion

  • you are looking for the right exercise that you can integrate into your everyday life,

  • a puppy or shelter dog is moving in, you want to be prepared and do everything right from the beginning

  • you are considering bringing a dog to your side and still have many questions


If these thoughts sound familiar to you, it's important talking about them. We always look for the root of the problem and tackle it there together. We work non-violently and needs-oriented. Trust, understanding, patience and motivation (aversive training methods may remain in the last century).​ Important here is also the holistic advice - because the stress that occurs in one place often radiates to other situations.


The goal is to give you tools that you can use to understand your dog and be prepared for the future.


Don't be afraid to speak honestly about everything that moves you. No topic is too unimportant not to be discussed. You can always take away a new idea and little things often make a big difference to make living together even more beautiful. ​

Here you will be understood.

The coaching takes place at your home - very personal and close to everyday life because that is the environment that you and your dog have to deal with every day. 
Everything is included: An introductory phone call, the journey (Munich), the coaching and telephone support for all questions at any time. 

I also offer coaching in English.

Training sessions

Appointments by arrangement Monday - Sunday

1 hour


1.5 hours


2 hours




Mantrailing is the search for "missing" people based on their individual scent. Does your dog love tracking down smells? The follow-up work keeps him busy, promotes self-efficacy and allows your dog to follow its instincts and live out their skills in a targeted manner. 


For whom is mantrailing suitable? 

  • your dog is at least 12 months old

  • human & dog are healthy

  • for all dogs who enjoy sniffing - also insecure, stressed ones or dogs that are eager for hunting

Mantrailing for everyone

Regardless of whether newbie or advanced, the trails are individually tailored to your dog

when: Friday 6:00 pm, Saturday or Sunday 10:00 am - every 14 days

language: German & English

duration: around 1 hour

places: min. 2, max. 6 participants

location: in & around Munich, car required


including starter kit

in cooperation with Vanessa


    You need the following:

  • a chest harness

  • 10 meter towing line

  • 3 Tupperwares with a high-quality reward (e.g. large portion of wet food with cheese & ham)

  • water to drink

  • 3 worn clothes

  • it is best to come by car

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